My Counselling Style

I have been trained in an Integrative approach which allows for clients to enjoy a flexible and broad style of counselling that suits their individual needs.

I promote clients making their own discoveries through my facilitating self-awareness, understanding and realisation.

My style of counselling really allows for the hearing of self to come to the fore. It also means that the changes gained are in harmony with who you really are, because I won't instruct or advise any client on how they should be thinking or behaving.

Between us we can explore the root cause of your problems and free you from the damage being done by internalising any unresolved thoughts and feelings.

You will make new discoveries that will free you from either being overwhelmed or undermined, thus allowing you to utilise your energy for a happier and more fulfilling and positive daily life.

This new feeling of empowerment allows you to gain a more relaxed and balanced view of life in general. You will be more able to cope with uncertainty, and become confident and positive in your outlook on life. It allows you to start living with a new awareness of how others behave, and you can start to gain real clarity where others are involved.

What Conditions Can Counselling Help with?

Personal and professional crises
Inter-personal relationships
Relationship Breakdown
Feelings of negative self-worth
Depression and suicidle thoughts
Weight problems
Panic Attacks
Feelings of isolation
Redundancy / career issues
Sexual Abuse
Childhood Issues
Health and disability issues
Low self esteem
Low moods
Fear of the unknown

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